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Monex Casa de Bolsa

Monex Casa de Bolsa

The history of Monex Casa de Bolsa goes back to when it was founded as Casa de Bolsa Interamericana in 1978, then changing its name in March 1986 to CBI Casa de Bolsa.

In June 2001, the shareholders of Monex bought CBI changing its name to the present name of Monex Casa de Bolsa.

Monex Casa de Bolsa has its headquarters in Mexico City and has branches in 42 cities throughout Mexico offering personal and specialized investment advice.

Monex Casa de Bolsa is authorized by Mexico´s Central Bank to operate in futures and derivatives and has the designation to act as market maker in the Mexican Financial Futures market MexDer.

In 2003, Monex Casa de Bolsa received approval from the Mexican Central Bank to engage in Foreign Currency Exchange transactions.

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